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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio in Elle France

Breast augmentation surgery may very well be the number one performed plastic surgery in the world, but not all women want larger, firmer breasts: some women actually want to reduce their breast size and they're willing to pay handsomely to get the job done! Why on earth would a woman with naturally large, beautiful breasts want to reduce them? Very few women (and men) take into consideration the problems associated with jumbo breasts. Besides unwanted (and often negative) attention, giant breasts are often associated with chronic neck and back pain, as well as emotional trauma. If those weren't enough to make a woman reconsider purchasing a giant set of breast implants, most women with overly large breasts aren't able to participate in sports or otherwise athletic activities. Does having large breasts still sound like fun?

If you have jumbo breasts that are inhibiting your quality of life, you'll be happy to know there are a few solutions available in this modern world of ours. The first is the less expensive of your two options: breast reduction pills. Before you roll your eyes at the idea of popping pills to reduce your breast size, the science behind the product is sound. However, whether or not the product will provide you with significant results depends on the product you choose and your body's natural response to it.

Breast reduction pills are hardly new news. If you're considering taking them, there's a few things you should do before committing to a long term trial. First, is the product safe to take? You should do some homework about the manufacturer of the pill and try to find unbiased testimonial's from previous customers. Second, what does your doctor say about the pill? Does he or she think it's a good idea for you? It may surprise you that your family doctor might be able to enlighten you about the pill, its manufacturer, or possibly another breast reduction option that you might not be currently aware of. It is always best to speak with your family doctor before you make any health related decisions that include taking medications (prescribed or not), beginning any type of exercise program, or agreeing to undergo any type of invasive surgery. Your family doctor knows your body better than anyone, and he or she will always have valuable input on any health decisions you make.

If popping breast-shrinking pills doesn't sound like an ideal method of reducing your breast size, there's another option: breast reduction surgery. The procedure is designed to permanently reduce your breast size by excising fat, glandular tissue, and skin. You'll notice an immediate, ample loss in breast size the moment you wake up from surgery. During the next few weeks of post surgery recovery, the inflammation will subside and you'll experience an even greater decrease in breast size.

Breast reduction surgery isn't cheap, but it's safe, effective, and the results are immediate. It's a fantastic, time tested method for alleviating the negative aspects of living with over-sized breasts all your life. If you're considering this surgery, you should contact a local plastic surgeon that is board-certified in the procedure and schedule an initial interview.
Common Bra Fitting Mistakes

Wearing a band size which is too large is probably the most common mistake women make when choosing a bra. Wearing the wrong band size would then also make the cup size incorrect. This is because not all cup sizes of the same letter are the same. For instance, a 34C bra would have a larger cup size than a 32C. Therefore a woman who finds that she is wearing a bra which is one band size too large would have to go down one band size and also up one cup size.

Many lingerie retailers supply sizing calculators which state a woman should wear a band size which is 4-5 inches larger than her actual 'around the body' measurement. This is incorrect information from the 1930's which is still being passed from suppliers to retailers today. Early bras made by Warner's were sized in this way however new modern bras are elasticated and so a woman's actual body measurement is now very close to the correct band size she should be wearing.

What is the correct way to measure your bra size?

There are two parts to a bra size; the band which is the measurement around the circumference of the body and the cup which is the size or fullness of the bust itself. The band size should be measured by placing a tape measure tightly around the body, under the bust, with arms down. If possible this should be done by someone else to ensure accuracy. If the measurement, in inches, is an odd number then the correct band size will be the next number up as band sizes only come in even numbers. If an even number is reached then this will be the correct band size too although the next size up may be required for some styles of bra. Certain online retailers of sexy lingerie will have their own sizing guides which will have been specified by the manufacturer.

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